Сотні мільярдів – це лише відправна точка індустрії пасивного Інтернету речей RFID - Пасивний тег промислового менеджменту - Тег управління активами RFID - УВЧ антиметалевий термостійкий етикет

Сотні мільярдів – це лише відправна точка індустрії пасивного Інтернету речей RFID

Сотні мільярдів – це лише відправна точка індустрії пасивного Інтернету речей RFID. What is the neck technology. In the IoT industry, connected numbers are a core metric for judging a market.

Сотні мільярдів – це лише відправна точка індустрії пасивного Інтернету речей RFID

Наприклад, Bluetooth technology, annual market shipments of about 6 мільярд; NB-IoT, with annual shipments of about 100 мільйон. And when many people predict future potential, they also like to cite the future of 50 billion or even 100 billion connections per year.RFID Passive Tag

RFID Passive Tag


According to the latest survey of the AIoT Star Map Institute, global UHF RFID tag shipments have reached 36 мільярд в 2022.

Friends familiar with RFID should know that as one of the earliest commercial IoT technology, the RFID industry has been relatively mature, and as early as more than 10 багато років тому, the annual shipment of tags exceeded 10 мільярд, normally, when an industrial base is very large, its growth rate will decrease, but the connection number of RFID passive Internet of Things shows an accelerated growth trend, which is enough to show that the annual hundreds of billions of connections are by no means its end.RFID UHF reader all-in-one machine UHF desktop all-in-one SRE-D05

RFID UHF reader all-in-one machine UHF desktop all-in-one SRE-D05


Often a single project, there will be a huge consumption of RFID tags, як от:

Wal-Mart currently consumes more than 10 billion RFID tags per year, and this is only used in some of Wal-Mart's products, and the region is only in North America;

UPS uses about 5-6 billion RFID tags every year, while the number of express packages in China exceeds 110 billion every year;

Decathlon, ZARA, Uniqlo, Nike and other footwear brands, the number of RFID tags consumed every year is also 1 мільярд.Hundreds of billions is just the starting point of RFID passive Internet of Things industry - Industrial Management Passive Tag - RFID Asset Management Tag - UHF Anti-metal High Temperature Resistant Tag

Сотні мільярдів – це лише відправна точка індустрії пасивного Інтернету речей RFID - Пасивний тег промислового менеджменту - Тег управління активами RFID - УВЧ антиметалевий термостійкий етикет


It can be seen that RFID tags as consumables, as long as they are used in some fields, or in some customers, its growth figures are very large.

What are the neck technologies of the fast-growing RFID industry?

The industry is thriving, naturally the progress of technology is indispensable, because the progress of technology will promote the cost-effective improvement of RFID tags, so that the industry has a broader space for development.

So what are the neck technologies in the RFID industry now?

The first is the chip.

The importance of the chip has been self-evident, in the RFID industry is also the same, taking the most widely used UHF RFID as an example, a UHF RFID Inlay, the cost of the chip accounts for more than 50%, and the sensitivity, місткість, stability and other indicators of the chip determine the success or failure of the project.RFID Passive Internet of Things - RFID UHF Reader UHF Reader

Пасивний Інтернет речей RFID - RFID UHF Reader UHF Reader


At the chip level, the industry has made significant development in recent years, especially the rapid rise of domestic chip players. In the latest "2023 China RFID Passive Internet of Things White Paper", AIoT Star Map Research Institute sorted out all chip players and chip products in the market.

Just taking UHF RFID chips as an example, we can see the prosperity of the market.

For more RFID chip information, будь ласка, зверніть увагу на "2023 Біла книга про пасивний Інтернет речей у Китаї".

The second is the packaging device.

In UHF and HF tag production, there is a very core equipment, тобто, packaging equipment (also called binding machine), tags are a very production-oriented link, and millions or even tens of millions of packaging equipment is the core of production, its function is to package RFID chips and tags together, become an Inlay.

Because the RFID tag chip size is very small, it needs to be very accurate of the equipment, in addition, capacity efficiency is the core index of production equipment, and its high capacity is required to meet the requirements of mass production, і в той же час, it is also necessary to ensure the performance of the product.

Наразі, the packaging equipment on the market is dominated by German manufacturers New Leopard, among domestic players, Xinjing Road also has more shipments in the market, in addition, there are also a number of new players entering this market, detailed players can refer to the "2023 China RFID passive Internet of Things white paper" in the industry map.

The third is conductive glue.

Conductive glue refers to the RFID chip and antenna pasted together glue, do label production of a consumable, in the industry is also a typical neck technology, the market conductive glue brand to delo, there are also some manufacturers use other brands of conductive glue.IOT Passive Tag

IOT Passive Tag


According to our calculations, a gram of conductive glue can make about 2-30,000 labels, із загальною кількістю 36 billion labels, приблизно 1.5 million grams of conductive glue needed every year, the price of each gram of conductive glue is more than 100 юань, and the annual consumption amount of conductive glue alone is about 150-200 мільйон, and as a consumable, this number will increase every year, which is also an important part of the cost of labels.

What is RFID Passive IoT?

1. RFID passive Internet of Things through the collected energy, tags through the built-in antenna to send information to achieve communication with the reader.

2. High recognition rate: RFID technology has a high recognition rate and can quickly and accurately identify target items.

3. Long distance: RFID technology has a long recognition distance and can identify the target item within a certain distance.

Коротко, RFID passive Internet of Things is an efficient, низька вартість, high-recognition rate Internet of Things technology, with a wide range of application prospects.

RFID passive Internet of Things is a new type of Internet of Things technology, the principle is that when the RFID tag is close to the reader, it receives the radio frequency signal sent by the reader, generates induced current, and obtains energy.

With the collected energy, the tag sends information through a built-in antenna to enable communication with the reader. As the underlying core technology of passive IoT, RFID technology is used in thousands of industries that require identification and management, such as warehousing and logistics, розумна роздрібна торгівля, інтелектуальне виробництво, clothing management, розумне медичне обслуговування, and air transportation.Farm IoT Electronic Ear Tag Passive Card - RFID Passive IoT - Low Frequency RF Card

Farm IoT Electronic Ear Tag Passive Card - RFID Passive IoT - Low Frequency RF Card


в 2021, the global shipment of UHF RFID alone reached about 23 мільярд, plus low frequency and high frequency, the total global passive RFID shipments that year were close to 30 мільярд.

With cost advantages, RFID is the best solution for hundreds of billions of passive Internet of Things technology, but it also has the limitations of small amount of transmission data storage, poor interaction compared with Bluetooth, NFC, 5G technology and mobile phones. In different scenarios, it is necessary to combine other passive IoT technologies to meet the application space.

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