Professionell tillverkare av automationsutrustning - Yongsheng Jia kommer att dyka upp på 2023 IOTE Internet of Things-utställningen

Tillverkaren av automationsutrustning Yongsheng Jia kommer att dyka upp på IOTE 2023

Tillverkaren av automationsutrustning Yongsheng Jia kommer att dyka upp på IOTE 2023. China Internet of Things Exhibition News - China Internet of Things Manufacturers.

Nyckelord: RFID card printing and ribbon

Tillverkaren av automationsutrustning Yongsheng Jia kommer att dyka upp på IOTE 2023

The world focuses on the Internet of Things, and the industrial scale is unprecedented! IOTE 2023 2023 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station, will be held in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall) i september 20-22, 2023! A high-end industry research event is coming soon, and the big names in the Internet of Things industry will also gather here! Vid den tiden, Shenzhen Yongshengjia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yongshengjia) will be unveiled in full costume at this expo (båsnummer: 11D92), welcoming visitors from all walks of life to visit, learn and communicate.Professional automation equipment manufacturer - Yongsheng Jia will appear at the 2023 IOTE Internet of Things Exhibition


Shenzhen Yongshengjia Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Shenzhen World Exhibition och Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall)

Booth number: 11D92

september 20-22, 2023

China's RFID Internet of Things company: "Yongshengjia" is a professional manufacturer of trademark shearing and folding equipment and RFID label labeling, compounding, testing equipment high-quality manufacturers, the products fully cover a variety of trademarks automatic slicing, folding, märkning, multi-layer composite, DR/EAS / RFID tag detection, coding, visual quality inspection and other complete processes, high degree of automation, precision and reliability, advanced and efficient.

We attach importance to innovation, have a senior R & D-laget, have a large number of patent accumulation, and all kinds of products have passed ISO and CE certification. We have been adhering to the "customer-oriented, customer-oriented" manager philosophy, since its establishment has been providing customers with high-quality and professional services, and has been recognized and praised by customers for a long time.

Kina Internet of Things Company Product Introduction:


Product Name:WS-168 EAS/DR/RFID anti-theft label machine

Product introduction: This model WS-168 is a special EAS/DR/RFID acoustomagnetic anti-theft label sticker, using a split design, can be independently divided to do upper and lower bilateral folding, then fold left and right sides. This machine is designed with a variety of trademark cutting and folding operations, and it is simple and convenient to adjust each part. Foldable type: chip fold; Cutting type: ultrasonic cutting.


Product Name:WS-813 Single Wide Cardboard Multi-header Automatic Labeling Equipment

Product introduction: The function of this equipment is mainly to carry out multi-row automatic labeling of a single wide cardboard, with automatic discharging, guiding and receiving functions. The discharging device is equipped with a heavy material alarm function to prevent overlapping discharge. The receiving device is equipped with the maximum receiving height automatic alarm function and automatic shooting function. Automatic vacuum feeding design, stable and reliable feeding and paging. Multi-header labeling design, fast and stable labeling.


Product Name:WS-810 RFID Tag Automatic Laminating Machine

Product introduction: The main function of this equipment is RFID dry lnlay and wet lnlay tag compounding, composite post-process die cutting and hang tag production, can be two-layer or three-layer tag composite production, composite speed up to 60 meters per minute, with dry lnlay positioning cut off vacuum hub transfer and hot melt adhesive coating mechanism, can realize RFID dry lnlay label composite high-speed production, with wet lnlay stripping vacuum hub remediation mechanism, It can realize the high-speed production of RFID wet lnlay tag compounding, and can be equipped with a high-speed magnetic roller die-cutting mechanism to realize the post-process die-cutting of label lamination and hang tag production.


Product Name:WS-812 Single RFID Tag Coding and Testing Equipment

Product introduction: The main function of this equipment is to quickly and automatically sort, detect and write codes for single hangtags, cards, tickets, cloth labels, etc. The equipment has vacuum separation function, which makes the separation effect better. With double-station code writing and code reading detection configuration, to ensure the correctness of data; Single-write or single-detection work can also be selected The device has the function of automatically rejecting and recycling RFID tag defective products. With barcode fast scanning function, it can automatically match EPC according to the label barcode to ensure the consistency of data. It has the function of receiving continuous stack counting and split stack counting. Optional printer to achieve printing, bar scanning, RFID coding, RFID inspection.


Product Name:WS-815 RFID Roll Coding and Testing Equipment

Product introduction: This equipment is suitable for roll-to-roll RFID tag detection and coding. Optional two-station RFID writing and reading and writing detection configuration to ensure the correctness of the data. Optional barcode scanner function to achieve consistency between barcode printing and EPC data. Optional coding and other equipment to mark defective products. Optional barcode printer equipment can be installed to realize the one-time completion of printing, scanning barcodes and writing and detection verification.RFID Printer - Thermal Transfer Printer - Industrial Smart Barcode Printer

RFID Printer - Termisk överföringsskrivare - Industrial Smart Barcode Printer



Product Name:WS-586 Multifunctional Trademark Automatic Shearing and Folding Machine + RFID

Product introduction: In addition to the trademark cutting and folding function of WS-586, the RFID tag detection and coding system is added, which can read or encode RFID tags and reject bad labels. This model is convenient to operate, superior performance, patented design, efficient and stable, easy to maintain. Equipped with the RFID trademark detection and coding system independently developed by Yongshengjia, it is stable and reliable and customizable, and adapts to various production environments.

The above are only some of the product displays, more featured products and excellent solutions are available in IOTE 2023 IoT Shenzhen Station.

Vid den tiden, Yongsheng Jia will meet with you in Hall 11 of Bao'an New Hall of Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (booth No. 11D92) för ytterligare utbyte och samarbete!

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